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What are RMVB files?

An RMVB file is a Real Media video file compressed with a variable bit rate and optimized for the video content.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the RMVB format?

The RMVB format is a multimedia standard in the current world of digital content. And it shows the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • The RMVB format is designed to reduce file size without degrading video and audio quality.
  • Different compression ratios are developed according to network transmission speeds, so that real-time transmission and playback of image data can be realized on a low-speed network.


  • The only way to view a media file encoded in the RMVB format is with software that supports the format.
  • An RMVB encoded file must be downloaded in its entirety before it can be viewed, unlike other streaming media that can be viewed during download.

RMVB Format FAQs

What app opens RMVB?

KMPlayer. KMPlayer is another free RMVB player for Windows and other operating systems, including macOS, Android and iOS. You can watch high quality videos like 4K, 8k, UHD, 60fps without lag.

Can VLC play RMVB files?

It is easy to play RMVB files in VLC media player. VLC player is popular for its ability to handle all different types of video files, without having to download and install separate video codecs. RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) files are another type of video file that VLC player can run.