About us

A closer look behind the Company you trust your files with!

A quick guide to our company culture

We are a small team of developers, designers, system architects, students and friends that have dedicated their time towards the development of Websites that make the internet safer, easier and prettier. We are annoyed by unnecessary complications, wait times and all the other annoyances that make some people dislike the web. We aim to not be part of the problem.

Some quick facts about us

  • Our team's systems has already handled more than 100M files of users and that number is growing day by day.
  • Our infrastructure is ever growing and now includes more than 100 Servers aimed at keeping your experience with our Products as good as possible.
  • More than 100.000 people use our services daily
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Money is not everything

More Servers means faster conversions and that means our customers are satisfied. We vow to always have enough servers ready so you dont have to wait longer than you should!


We dedicate all our resources towards what we do

There is nothing too complicated or too hard that would keep us from archieving what our users need. We promise.

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We love feedback

Write us! Tell us what you loved and let us know what you hated. Only this way we can improve our products and keep our users satisfied with our products.