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Popularly known as FLV, Flash Video is a multimedia container format developed by Adobe Systems. Its primary focus was to deliver video over the Internet.

It can contain audio, video, and text. It was released in 2003.


Developed by the Fraunhofer Society, MP3 (officially known as MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III) is a coding format for audio released in 1993.

Frequently Answered Questions

How do I convert multiple FLV videos to MP3?

You can easily convert multiple videos to MP3 using the Convertr.org video converter.

To do this, first head on to the FLV converter page and click on the Choose Files button. When the file upload window pops up, select as many files as you want, and voila.

Alternatively, you can select multiple files and Drag & Drop them anywhere on the page.

How to play MP3 files?

MP3 files are standardized audio files, making them easy to work with on different hardware or software. All popular operating systems (Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS, Kindle, etc.) come with native support for mp3 files.

This means all you have to do is click on the .mp3 file, and your computer/phone/tablet/iPod will fire up its inbuilt media player and play your selected mp3 file.

What if my MP3 file doesn't open?

If your mp3 file doesn't play as expected, the first thing to do is check your hardware.

  1. Ensure the speakers are connected to the computer and are powered on.
  2. Check that your computer hardware and peripherals have the necessary driver installed. You can check for driver issues in the Device Manager program on your computer.
  3. Test the hardware and try playing a different file.

If the hardware is working fine, proceed to check the software. Ensure your media player has the appropriate codec to play mp3 files.

If both hardware and software are okay, then the mp3 file itself might be corrupted or did not download fully.

To fix a corrupt mp3 file, download the file once more from a reputable source. Remember to make sure the download is completed at 100%.

Can MP3 Files Contain Malware?

No. MP3 files are not executable (.exe) programs. MP3s contain audio data which is handled by a media player like VLC or Windows Media Player. As such, the MP3 file is never in a position to gain direct access to your computer memory.

How to Convert FLV Files to MP3 Format

Converting FLV to MP3 audio is an easy task when using Convertr. This online platform has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to convert files from FLV to MP3 format even for users with limited knowledge of computers or the internet without requiring any assistance.

  • Click on the "Choose files" button to select the FLV file on your computer. Or you can drag and drop the file directly onto the site.
  • Change the output format to MP3.
  • Click on "Convert".

That's all you need to do to get the desired MP3 file.



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