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M4A is an audio format that uses the Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) to compress digital audio data. It is the successor to MP3, and its filename extension is .m4a.


MP3 is a format standard for digital audio that uses lossy compression developed by the Fraunhofer Society. Its official name is MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III.

Frequently Answered Questions

Can Windows convert M4A to MP3?

Yes, you can convert M4A files to MP3 using Windows devices. But you can't do it natively because Windows doesn't have any pre-installed conversion software. If you intend to convert M4A to MP3 with Windows, you must install the proper tool to perform the conversion.

Another faster method is using an online converter like Convertr. Since our platform is hosted on the Web, you don't have to install anything. You can start converting immediately instead.

You could also perform such a conversion with iTunes.

What is the difference between M4A and MP3?

The difference between the two formats is not much. Both are audio coding formats that use lossy compression to make files smaller. Despite that, the differences go beyond they have different filename extensions.

The main difference is that M4A uses more advanced compression technology than MP3. For that reason, it reaches higher quality and smaller file sizes. Another difference is that M4A allows up to 48 channels, but MP3 only allows five. Finally, MP3 is also more rigid than M4A.

Why convert M4A to MP3?

MP3 is the universal audio format. Any device capable of playing audio can open MP3. But, although a standard format, we can't say the same for M4A. Many devices don't support that format.

If you have a file in that format but cannot open it, one way to do so is by converting it to MP3. That way, you can open the file no matter what device you use.

In short, the reason to convert M4A to MP3 is to open the file and share it with ease.

Do M4A and MP3 have a good quality?

Although some say no, both MP3 and M4A have quite acceptable audio quality, especially when they are at their maximum bitrate (320kbps and 256kbps, respectively).

Lossy compression affects audio fidelity because it discards audio data that is no longer present in the file. However, the audio is far from unrecognizable after the compression. Therefore, although they do not present the best quality audio, it is not the worst.

How to convert M4A to MP3

In contrast to most conversion software, online converters are quick and straightforward. Converting M4A to MP3 is an easy task here at Convertr.

The process is effortless. If you know how to browse, then you can use our platform with no issue. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Choose files" and pick the M4A files you will convert. Or drag and drop them above.
  2. Select MP3 as the desired output format.
  3. Click on convert.
  4. Click on download.

The conversion is as simple as that. That way, you can perform all the file conversions you need for free. And as fast as lightning!