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MP4 is a format for digital storage of video and audio. Released in 2001, it is the most popular video distribution format. The filename extension for MP4 files is .mp4.


Windows Media Video, or WMV, is a compressed video container created by Microsoft. This format is popularly used by many programs for storing short animations with the filename extension .wmv.

Frequently Answered Questions

Can MP4 be converted to WMV?

You can convert MP4 videos to WMV format if you have the right tool. MP4 and WMV are both formats for video storage. So users often wonder if it is possible to convert MP4 videos to WMV.

Windows users and online streamers usually prefer WMV format, so they look for conversion tools. The safest and fastest way to do it is on Convertr. It is a secure platform that is straightforward to use.

Is it safe to convert MP4 to WMV?

To convert MP4 files to WMV, you need to use a reliable tool like Convertr. Many users think twice before using an online tool to complete conversion processes. But with Convertr, there is no need to worry.

When you use Convertr, there is no chance of your sensitive data getting stolen. We have multiple licenses allowing us to handle public data.

We use a secure connection for data transfer, and your video gets deleted from our database after completing the process.

Additionally, we regularly check our tools and take all necessary steps to keep hackers and cyber attackers away.

Can Windows Media Player convert MP4 to WMV?

There's one thing Windows Media Player cannot do - convert a file from one format to another. However, it has been a trusted video player for a long time and can play video files saved in different formats. This includes both MP4 and WMV.

Unfortunately, Windows Media Player will not convert MP4 to WMV for you. Instead, you will have to use a tool specifically engineered to convert MP4 files to WMV format. The best tool for that is Convertr.

You don't have to worry about your files getting stolen or corrupted. All you need to do is upload the original file and select the output format.

Is MP4 better than WMV?

It is hard to say which format is better. Technically, MP4 is less compressed than WMV files. However, it's possible to reduce the size of MP4 files using an advanced encoder.

The general belief is that MP4 videos have a better quality than WMV videos. But that may not always be true. You can have excellent videos in both formats.

MP4 is more popular as it is compatible with almost all platforms. But WMV is the first choice for Windows users and collectors of Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs.

Can Windows 10 convert MP4 to WMV?

Windows 10 is an operating system. It is neither a video converter that can convert MP4 to WMV nor does it come pre-installed with software that can make such format conversions.

To get the job done quickly and safely, you need to use a trusted online tool like Convertr. It is a much more secure option than downloading and installing unknown software.

Once you convert your MP4 video to WMV, you will be able to play your converted video easily on Windows.

How to Convert MP4 Files to WMV Format

Converting MP4 to WMV video files is an easy task when using Convertr. This online platform has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to convert files from MP4 to WMV format even for users with limited knowledge of computers or the internet without requiring any assistance.

  1. Click on the "Choose files" button to select the MP4 file on your computer. Or you can drag and drop the file directly onto the site.
  2. Change the output format to WMV.
  3. Click on "Convert".

That's all you need to do to get the desired WMV file.