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Photoshop Document, commonly called PSD, is a popular file format created by Adobe Photoshop. It allows saving up to 30,000 pixels of content and is capable of containing various images, objects, and text.


PNG or Portable Network Graphic format is a file format that stores images using the lossless compression algorithm. It employs a two-stage compression method to encode the image data. Images in PNG format are used on websites across the internet.

Frequently Answered Questions

Why should I convert a PSD file to PNG format?

There are plenty of situations where PNG file format is a preferable choice. PNG is a lossless file format meaning the quality will never degrade no matter how long you keep the file. On the other hand, PSD does not support compression at all. That makes PSD a large file requiring considerable storage.

PNG files are web developers' ideal choice as they appear transparent on the web page. PSD, on the other hand, is an Adobe Photoshop proprietary. Non-Adobe programs don't support it.

You will need to convert your PSD files into PNG to share them with others. For that, you need a trusted online file conversion tool such as Convertr.

Is there a safe way to convert PSD files to PNG format with phones?

Convertr is a reliable, authorized free conversion tool that offers you to convert PSD files to PNG format. The conversion process is fast, giving less time for the hackers to act. It works on iOS and Android, which means you can use it with your phone or tablet.

Is PNG format better than PSD?

Both PNG and PSD are image formats with different applications.

PSD is the format used by Adobe illustrators. Thus, these are huge files that support several graphics layers in a single file. These files save considerable amounts of information and cannot be compressed.

PNG, on the other hand, offers lossless compression and optimum quality. You can quickly transfer and store them since they are small.

In conclusion, PSD is better for editing, and PNG is ideal for storing and sharing mages.

Can Windows 10 convert PSD to PNG?

Windows 10 doesn't have image format conversion tools. Besides, PSD is a format supported by Adobe programs only.

You can always download a PSD to PNG file converter or buy a subscription to online conversion tools. But downloading from third-party sites is not safe. And we cannot guarantee their data security and privacy policies.

We suggest you use Convertr as your first choice for online, free file conversions. It is fast, secure, and efficient.

Which is the best PSD to PNG converter?

To convert your PSD files to PNG format, it is important to look for a free online conversion tool. It should guarantee the quality, efficiency, and security, such as Convertr.

Convertr holds various licenses that allow it to handle user data. You can trust Convertr with all your files. It features high-speed uploading and converting of the files.

The website has an attractive user interface with easy navigation. That means you don't need any experience or help to convert your PSD to PNG with Convertr. It takes seconds for the conversion process and even allows you to make various conversions simultaneously.

How to Convert PSD Files to PNG?

Converting PSD to PNG multimedia files is something you can easily do at Convertr. Our site counts with a user-friendly interface that everyone can know how to use by practically just looking at it. That way, those with limited computing knowledge can perform file conversions by themselves without any help.

  1. Click on the "Choose files" button and select the files you want to convert, or simply drag and drop them directly on the site.
  2. Select PNG as the output format.
  3. Click on convert

And that's it. Your file will automatically be uploaded, and we will convert it to PNG format as quickly as possible. Then, you have to download it in its already converted form.

Please note that the conversion will take less or more time, depending on the length of the file.

For example, if you are trying to convert several gigabytes of JPG content to PNG, it is normal to take some time.