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What are 3GP files?

3GP is a video file format compatible with 3G devices. It saves disk storage, bandwidth and data usage on mobile devices.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 3GP format?

The 3GP format is a multimedia standard in the current world of digital content. And it shows the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Reduces bandwidth and storage usage on cell phones.
  • 2G and 4G phones are also compatible with this format.
  • 3G uploading and downloading is fast due to its small size.
  • It is compatible with PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DSi.
  • Capable of storing ACC+ and AMR-WB+ audio streams.


  • Video and audio resolution and quality is low.
  • There are not too many programs that are able to play it.

3GP Format FAQs

What's the difference between 3GP and MP4?

MP4 is a newer video format capable of storing text, audio, effects and images. Their difference comes down to the fact that 3GP was created for older phones that are not capable of playing the MP4 format.

What is the resolution of 3GP?

The resolution of a 3GP file is 176x144 pixels, and 320x240 pixels for mobile devices with large screens.

Are 3GP files safe?

Yes. 3GP is safe and reliable.

Can I play 3GP videos on my PC?

Windows Media is able to open and play 3GP files. If not, it is recommended to download a program compatible with the file such as VLC media player.