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The Audio Video Interleave format, popularly known by its filename extension .avi and its initials AVI, is a multimedia container developed by Microsoft. It stores both digital video and audio data.


The MPEG-4 Part 14 format, better known as MP4, is a multimedia container used to store digital audio and video. It can store other kinds of data, like still images and subtitles.

Frequently Answered Questions

Is it possible to make AVI files smaller?

Yes, you can make AVI files smaller by converting them to MP4

AVI files store uncompressed data, and for that reason, the videos are big. In contrast, MP4 is a lossy format, and the files are relatively smaller. Therefore, converting AVI to MP4 makes the file smaller.

Can Windows Media Player convert AVI to MP4?

No, Windows Media Player can't convert AVI videos to MP4. If you intend to perform that conversion on a Windows device, you must download conversion software on it.

But the faster way to make the conversion is using online converters like our platform. You can start your conversion right now with Convertr.

What are the advantages of converting AVI to MP4?

Besides making the files smaller, there are other three advantages of converting AVI files to MP4.

By performing the conversion, you make the file more suitable for online distribution. The reason is that MP4 is best suited for streaming over the Internet than AVI.

You're making the data more accessible this way. MP4 is a universal video format, but AVI isn't. This is because Microsoft developed AVI, and only Windows devices can open AVI files natively. So you might fail if you try to open AVI elsewhere, but every device can open MP4.

MP4 is a better wrapper than AVI because it supports other data types, like subtitles. As, for example, you can add subtitles to an AVI file converting it to MP4 first.

Does converting AVI to MP4 lose quality?

Yes, converting AVI files to MP4 reduces the quality of the video data. The reason is that AVI files tend to be uncompressed, so the quality is as high as possible. MP4 uses lossy compression, which means the video quality is lower than the original recording. As a result, some quality is lost when you convert AVI to MP4, although not much.

How to convert AVI to MP4

Convertr counts with a simple conversion tool that you can use immediately with no issue. Registration, payment, and installing new software are not necessary with our platform.

To convert AVI to MP4 with Convertr, follow the steps below:

  1. Click or tap on "Choose files" and select the AVI files you'll convert. But you can drag and drop the videos above, too.
  2. Select MP4 as the output format.
  3. Click on convert.
  4. Click on download.

And that's all. With a few clicks, you can convert all the AVI videos you need to MP4 for free.