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What is the AVIF format?

The AV1 Image File Format is an image format developed by the Alliance for Open Media. The format is used for storing images or sequences of images and supports lossy and lossless compression.

Advantages and disadvantages of the AVIF Format

The AVIF format is shaping the future of image file formats. It is due to show the following benefits:


  • AVIF is a royalty-free and open-source format. It'd be constantly improving, and you can use it for free.
  • AVIF has more advanced compression technology than WEBp and JPEG. Images in this format look better and have smaller sizes than said formats.
  • AVIF supports animation and transparent backgrounds.
  • Since files are smaller, AVIF images load faster when browsing.
  • The format is not perfect, and it has its drawbacks:


  • AVIF is not as supported as other image file formats.
  • Decoding AVIF images can take longer compared with other formats.

AVIF Format FAQs

How do I open AVIF files on Windows?

While browsing with Google Chrome, you shouldn't have issues seeing AVIF images. Alongside Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome is among the few Web browsers that support the AVIF format. But opening AVIF files with a PC can become an issue if you want to do it offline. Windows devices don't support it natively.

To open AVIF files with Windows, you must install the AV1 Video extension to Microsoft Paint. Another way could be installing software that supports the format, like livabif.

Don't forget to download software from its official source to avoid danger.

Is AVIF lossless?

Most people only relate the AVIF format to lossy compression. That's because it outperforms any other lossy format regarding compression and quality.

It happens that the AVIF format does more than provide top-notch lossy compression. It also supports lossless compression, just like PNG.

Is AVIF the best image file format?

Since AVIF has better compression technology and delivers better quality, it's the best among the lossy formats.

AVIF files are %50 smaller than JPEG, WebP, and others. It also has better quality at the same level of compression. The format also has more features, like:

  • HDR.
  • SDR.
  • Transparent backgrounds.
  • Animation.
  • Bigger color depth.

But when used for lossless compression, it doesn't beat PNG in terms of quality. Still, it has more features than said format.

The only department where AVIF doesn't beat most formats is diffusion. Since it's practically new, AVIF doesn't have wide use, and few platforms support it.

Can Android open AVIF files?

Devices with Android 12 should not have any problem when viewing AVIF files. Android 12 is the first version of the famous mobile OS to support AVIF natively. If you have an older Android version, it'd be harder to open AVIF files.

Since Google Chrome supports the format, seeing AVIF files will not be a problem when browsing. However, you'll have to install an app that supports it to view AVIF images offline. File Viewer for Android is the best option for that.

Remember: to avoid any danger, download software from the official source.