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JPG is a standard image file format used to contain lossy images. It was developed by the Joint Photographic Expert Group and released in 1992. It's the most used image format worldwide.


Officially known as Graphics Interchange Format, Gif is a bitmap image format released in 1987. Developed by CompuServe, the format is used for images and sprites in programs and the Web.

Frequently Answered Questions

Is it possible to convert a JPG file to GIF format with Android?

It is possible to convert JPG files to GIF format as they are image formats.

Most users prefer GIF to JPG for two reasons. GIF supports lossless compression, while you may suffer quality loss with JPG. Secondly, JPG does not support animation, while GIF does.

To convert JPG to GIF format with your phone, you need a reliable and easy tool like Convertr.

Is there a safe way to convert JPG files to GIF format?

Hackers and data theft are risks possible when uploading your files on the internet. To complete the process, you must choose a trusted platform. We recommend using Convertr to avoid any issues.

Convertr uses an encrypted connection and provides an ad-free platform to complete the process efficiently. Frequent updates and checks ensure that the converter is up-to-date with any probable advanced threats to your data.

The original and the converted files get deleted from the server permanently right after the conversion. Besides, the high-speed conversion prevents your files from remaining vulnerable for a long time.

Is GIF format better than JPG?

JPG and GIF are two different image formats intended for different purposes.

JPG may be the standard image format, but it can reduce the quality of the compressed images. GIF has lossless compression. That means it has better quality. It also supports animation and is suitable for text. So it's better than JPG in those aspects.

JPG, however, defeats GIF in terms of file sizes. JPG images are ten times smaller than Gifs at a minimum.

Can Windows 10 convert JPG to GIF?

Windows 10 doesn't have pre-installed JPG to GF conversion software. You need an online conversion tool to make that conversion.

We recommend Convertr in that regard since it is authorized and entirely reliable. Convertr offers an easy-to-navigate user interface. You don't need to have any prior knowledge to use it. It's free and works perfectly with any PC.

What is the best JPG to GIF converter?

If you are looking for a reliable and effortless tool to convert JPG files to GIF format, the best would be Convertr.

Convertr carries out the conversion in no time. The uploading time of your file is lightning-fast, and it can handle multiple conversions at the same time as well.

Convertr is also straightforward to use. You don't require any prior knowledge of the internet or conversions to use it.

How to Convert JPG Files to GIF?

Converting JPG to GIF multimedia files is something you can easily do at Convertr. Our site counts with a user-friendly interface that everyone can know how to use by practically just looking at it. That way, those with limited computing knowledge can perform file conversions by themselves without any help.

  1. Click on the "Choose files" button and select the files you want to convert, or simply drag and drop them directly on the site.
  2. Select GIF as the output format.
  3. Click on convert

And that's it. Your file will automatically be uploaded, and we will convert it to GIF format as quickly as possible. Then, you have to download it in its already converted form.

For example, if you are trying to convert several gigabytes of JPG content to GIF, it is normal to take some time.

Please note that the conversion will take less or more time, depending on the length of the file.