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What is the M2V format?

Officially known as MPEG-2 or H.262, the M2V is the video format used to encode digital television signals developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group and released in 1995.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the M2V Format?

At the moment of release, the M2V format was one of the best video formats out there. These were its advantages:


  • M2V offered better quality than its predecessors.
  • Since it's a standard format, M2V is supported by most devices.
  • M2V is still widely used, especially on DVDs.
  • M2V files are smaller than uncompressed video files.


  • M2V is not as efficient as its successors. It basically uses outdated technology.
  • M2V files are bigger than other compressed formats when used with HD resolutions.

M2V Format FAQs

What is the difference between MPEG-2 and MPEG-4?

M2V and MPEG-4 are part of the same family of multimedia formats (MPEG), but there are massive differences between the two. The prominent ones are:

M2V was developed to be used for TV broadcasting MPEG-4 was designed with online video distribution in mind.

MPEG-4 has better compression technology than M2V. As a result, M2V files are bigger than MPEG-4 videos.

M2V doesn't manage HD resolutions as well as MPEG-4.

Can Android play M2V videos?

Android devices can't open M2V files natively; their default media player doesn't support the MPEG-2 format. That doesn't mean it's impossible to play M2V videos with your phone.

To open M2V with your Android, you only have to install a media player that supports the format. The best option is VLC. It's a free media player and supports countless formats.

Is the MPEG-2 format lossy?

Certainly, M2V videos have greater quality than other lossy formats. That's because it doesn't compress the data as much as newer codecs. However, the format still uses lossy compression to reduce the file's data size. So, yes, the M2V is a lossy format.

How do I open M2V files on iOS?

You have to install a new media player on your iPhone to play M2V videos. iOS doesn't support the format natively.

The best option is VLC for iOS. It's a free media player compatible with several formats, including M2V.

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