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What is the MJPEG Format?

The Motion JPEG format is a video compression method in which all the video frames are individual JPEG images. The format was developed by the Joint Photographic Expert Group and released in the 90s.

What Are the Advantages and disadvantages of the MJPEG Format?

The MJPEG has the following advantages:


  • The MJPEG format has high support overall. Most web browsers and devices can play, edit, and even record in this format.
  • MJPEG files are smaller than uncompressed files.
  • MJPEG decoding doesn't require much processing power.
  • MJPEG has better image quality than other video formats at the same resolutions.


  • MJPEG compression technology is outdated in comparison with other video compression methods. As a result, videos tend to be larger than other compressed formats.
  • MJPEG format doesn't support audio.
  • Since MJPEG is not standardized, there are different ways to decode it. This can cause issues when playing videos in this format.


What is the difference between MJPEG and JPEG?

Although MJPEG and JPEG formats are related, they are not the same. The only similarity is that they use the same compression method, but coincidences end there.

JPEG is a format for single still images. MJPEG is a sequence of JPEG images that make up a video.

Is MJPEG better than H.264?

MJPEG format is better than the AVC format when it comes to quality. That's because the former doesn't compress as much as the latter.

In terms of features and efficiency, AVC beats MJPEG. Being a newer format, it has better technology and does more things. For example, it's more suited for video streaming, has smaller files, and manages higher resolutions than MJPEG.

Is MJPEG the same as MPEG?

MJPEG and MPEG are different formats in all senses. The main difference is they use different types of compression. MPEG doesn't compress frames individually but as a whole, cohesive piece. MJPEG does the opposite.

The other significant difference is the MPEG format allows simultaneous video and audio playback. MJPEG only works with video data.


Although unusual, MP4 can contain video in the MJPEG format. But that doesn't mean MJPEG is MP4.

MJPEG is a video compression method that uses the JPEG format. The MP4 format is a container used to store audio, video, and text.