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Developed by the Fraunhofer Society, MP3 (officially known as MPEG-1 Audio Layer III or MPEG-2 Audio Layer III) is a coding format for audio released in 1993. It is the third format of the MPEG-1 standard, and it was further extended as the third audio format of the next multimedia standard, MPEG-2.


Officially known as the Advanced Audio Codec, AAC was developed by many companies, like Bell Labs, Dolby Laboratories, Microsoft, the Fraunhofer Society, and others. It was released in 1997, and its filename extension is .m4a.

Frequently Answered Questions

Is it possible to convert MP3 to AAC with phones?

It is possible to convert MP3 files to AAC format with your mobile. You only have to use the right tool to ensure no distortion in the output.

We recommend using Convertr. It is an easy-to-use tool that can make MP3 to AAC conversions without any hassle. It works on iOS, Android, and FireOS.

Which is the best platform to convert MP3 files to AAC?

The best platform to convert MP3 to AAC format is Convertr, an online tool that completes the process without hassles.

You don't have to worry about safety as it is an entirely secure online tool. It uses encrypted connections and undergoes regular updates to ensure that it can protect your data from cyber threats.

Convertr is also easy to use and can convert MP3 files to AAC format quickly.

Can you trust online platforms to convert MP3 to AAC?

If you want to convert MP3 files to AAC format, the best way is by choosing an online tool for no complexity. However, the site must be reliable. We suggest using Convertr.

Convertr provides all-around protection to keep your files safe from theft, viruses, distortion, quality loss, etc. This licensed tool undergoes regular upgrades to combat cyber attacks and viruses efficiently.

Can Windows Media Player convert MP3 to AAC?

You will not convert MP3 files to AAC format using Windows Media Player. It is a widespread audio and video player that you can use to run MP3 files. But since Windows Media Player is not a conversion tool, you need a specialized tool to convert MP3 to AAC. We recommend using Convertr for this purpose.

Can renaming MP3 as AAC help to convert the files?

If you're trying to convert MP3 files to AAC format, renaming the file to change the extension from .mp3 to .aac will not make it.

If you do this, you will only end up with playback issues. Renaming doesn't change the files' data, so it is a futile step.

To convert MP3 files to AAC format, you need to use a specialized tool. Convertr is the best tool for this process with no possibility of technical distortions or playback problems.

How to Convert MP3 Files to AAC?

Converting MP3 to AAC multimedia files is something you can easily do at Convertr. Our site has a user-friendly interface that everyone can use by practically just looking at it. That way, those with limited computing knowledge can perform file conversions by themselves without any help.

  1. Click on the "Choose files" button and select the files you want to convert, or simply drag and drop them directly on the site.
  2. Select AAC as the output format.
  3. Click on convert

And that's it. Your file will automatically be uploaded, and we will convert it to AAC format as quickly as possible. Then, you have to download it already.

For example, if you are trying to convert several gigabytes of MP3 content to AAC, it is normal to take some time.

Please note that the conversion will take less or more time, depending on the length of the file.