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AVI format

The Audio Interleave format, popularly known as AVI, is a multimedia format developed by Microsoft and released in 1992. AVI files contain video and audio data in a file container capable of playing both in synchronicity. In addition, the format supports both compressed and uncompressed content.

This format is the native multimedia format of the Windows operating system. And it is so popular that the United States chose it as the official format to preserve digital video within American territory.

What are AVI files?

The Audio Video Interleave format, popularly known by its filename extension .avi and its initials AVI, is a multimedia container developed by Microsoft. It stores both digital video and audio data.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the AVI format?

The AVI format is a multimedia standard in the current world of digital content. And it shows the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • The AVI multimedia format has a high fidelity regarding the audio.
  • Since it is a format developed by Microsoft, it's natively supported by all Windows devices. Likewise, it is compatible with most devices and players not related to Microsoft due to its popularity.
  • The AVI format is compatible with a lot of codecs to achieve compression.
  • You can create DVDs using the AVI file format.
  • Since it's a multimedia standard, you don't need any specific hardware or software to play AVI files.
  • It is effortless to handle and edit format.
  • AVi files can maintain high video quality. Besides its easy editing, that makes it perfect for master files.


  • You might need to install the codec used to compress the AVI file to play the file in question.
  • Uncompressed AVI files are huge in size in comparison to other formats.
  • Although smaller in size, AVI files lose some quality when compressed.
  • AVI doesn't support any text and metadata. Therefore, you can't add subtitles to the AVI videos.
  • In conclusion, the AVI format is one of the most accessible multimedia formats you can find. In addition, it has a pretty good audio and video quality, even when compressed. So despite its limitations, it is still a format option that you should keep in mind.

Frequently Answered Questions

Can Windows 10 open AVI files?

Under normal circumstances, Windows 10 can open AVI files natively without installing any player or other additional software. After all, AVI is the video format of the Windows system. Therefore it is compatible so far with each of the existing versions of the said operating system.

Can Mac OS play AVI files?

Yes, but not natively. Since the AVI format is the Windows system's own video format,

Apple devices, including Mac computers, don't support AVI files. However, you can play AVI videos on Mac and other Apple devices by downloading the proper player.

VLC Media Player is the most popular non-Microsoft media player that supports the AVI format.

You should be able to play AVI files on your Apple device by installing this player.

What are the advantages of converting AVI to MP4?

Besides making the files smaller, there are other three advantages of converting AVI files to MP4.

By performing the conversion, you make the file more suitable for online distribution. The reason is that MP4 is best suited for streaming over the Internet than AVI.

You're making the data more accessible this way. MP4 is a universal video format, but AVI isn't. This is because Microsoft developed AVI, and only Windows devices can open AVI files natively. So you might fail if you try to open AVI elsewhere, but every device can open MP4.

MP4 is a better wrapper than AVI because it supports other data types, like subtitles. As, for example, you can add subtitles to an AVI file converting it to MP4 first.

Does converting AVI to MP4 lose quality?

Yes, converting AVI files to MP4 reduces the quality of the video data. The reason is that AVI files tend to be uncompressed, so the quality is as high as possible. MP4 uses lossy compression, which means the video quality is lower than the original recording. As a result, some quality is lost when you convert AVI to MP4, although not much.