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What are FLV files?

Popularly known as FLV, Flash Video is a multimedia container format developed by Adobe Systems. Its primary focus was to deliver video over the Internet.

It can contain audio, video, and text. It was released in 2003.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the FLV format?

The FLV is among the most used formats for online streaming. Its benefits and drawbacks are:


  • Practically all computers can play FLV videos. You will never have problems when trying to open FLV files.
  • The FLV format has various applications besides video, like animation.
  • FLV files are smaller than other video formats.
  • Streaming FLV videos doesn't require fast Internet connections.


  • Creating Flash content can be complicated and require time and resources.
  • Flash content in your website could slow down the page and create longer wait times.
  • FLV videos are usually lossy, which means the video quality is not as high as initially.

FLV Format FAQs

How do I open FLV videos with Windows 10 and 11?

When browsing with your PC, you shouldn't have problems playing FLV videos. All web browsers and online platforms support said format. But the thing is different when trying to play the video offline.

Windows doesn't support FLV format natively. That doesn't mean it can't open them but requires more than just clicking the file.

To open FLV videos with Windows, you could:

  1. Download the proper codec and add it to Windows Media Player.
  2. Download a media player that supports FLV format.

Don't forget to download software from the official source to avoid viruses!

Can Mac computers open FLV files?

macOS doesn't support FLV format natively. That means your Mac will not open FLV files unless you install the proper software to do it.

There are several media players available for Mac that support FLV. We recommend you to use VLC Media Player because it is free and open-source.

Other options can be Elmedia Player, 5KPlayer, or Wimpy.

How does the FLV format work?

FLV is a container format or metafile. That means it stores different kinds of data to have them together in one file.

Containers like FLV make simultaneous playback of video and audio possible by embedding them into a single file.

What formats can the FLV format contain?

The FLV format can contain audio and video in several formats as a metafile.

Videos in FLV format are usually encoded with Sorenson Spark, VP6, or AVC. For audio, it uses ASAO, ADPCM, and AAC.

The most common format used for video in FLV is VP6. But to achieve the best quality possible with FLV, AVC and AAC are the best options.