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What are Webm Files?

The WebM format is a digital container for audio and video released in 2010. Matroska, Xiph, and On2 developed it as a free alternative to HTML multimedia elements. Its filename extension is .webm

Pros and cons of WebM format

As one of the best formats for online video distribution, the WebM format has the following benefits:


  • Even if you have commercial purposes, you don't have to pay to use WebM because it is a royalty-free format.
  • Since WebM is open-source, the format is constantly improving.
  • It's better optimized for the Web than other container formats.
  • It has small file sizes.
  • The format is not perfect, however. It has the following drawbacks:


  • Few media players support WebM files natively.
  • The format uses lossy compression. The WebM video quality is lower than uncompressed formats as a result.

WebM Format FAQs

How does the WebM format work?

The WebM format is a multimedia container, also known as wrappers. In a sense, it's a format that contains others to have them all together. In the case of WebM, it embeds audio and video to make simultaneous playback of both.

Its primary focus is to be played in online media players, so WebM files are later embedded in websites.

How to open WebM files?

Opening WebM files is not a problem nowadays. Practically all modern Web browsers support it, including Safari. That means you only need a browser to play WebM files. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and others are enough to play WebM videos.

If you want to open WebM offline, the thing is different. Not all media players support it, so you have to find one that does. There are many options, but the best you can find for free is the VLC Media player.

Remember to download software from its official source to avoid cyber dangers.

What are V8, V9, and A1 codecs?

V8, V9, and A1 are the video compression formats that WebM commonly contains.

The three are royalty-free video formats developed by Google. They focus on streaming over the Internet, having features related to it.

The characteristic of these formats is their ability to show HD quality and above while having small file sizes. Unlike previous codecs, they have advanced compression technology that doesn't affect video quality considerably. That makes them streaming-efficient, as low-bandwidth connections can play them with no difficulty.

Can iPhones open WebM files?

You should have 0 issues when playing WebM videos online if your iPhone has the last Safari version installed. Since 2021, Safari has supported WebM playback. Therefore, any iPhone with Safari 14 can play WebM videos without problems.

If your iPhone doesn't have Safari updated, you'd have to do it to play WebM files. But in case that's not possible, you'd have to install a media player that supports the format, like VLC.